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What makes THE NOW different than other cover bands? Identity. Where most bands play songs that "go over", The Now sticks to who they are by playing songs that fit them as a band. No more playing songs for playing sake, but rather a band that selectively chooses songs and music they truly believe in. A band that has an identity of who they are rather than trying to be everything to everyone. No soft, tempered performances here- just a powerful, and energetic display of what they love to do.

After 7 short years on the scene, The Now has gained the reputation of a fine tuned, powerful live act. With the recent addition of Joey Gleesing formerly of The Rockerfeller and First Kiss on lead vocals, The Now has expanded their play list to remain competitive and on the cutting edge of what a cover band can be. Identity, honesty, passion, and just a few surprises to keep you interested. The Now - change is good.

Joe is the newest member of the band, in fact, he's brand new! Joe brings a lifetime of experience as a frontman to The Now. His great tenor voice and energetic performing style has seen him front two extremely successful cover bands in SE Wisconsin over the past decade. Joe's voice brings a diversity and pop texture to the rock vibe of the band and his showmanship adds the right amount rock and roll attitude to the band.

First Show With The Now: May 7, 2011 - Players Park Sports Bar - Kansasville, WI
Former Bands: The Rockerfellers, First Kiss
Influences: John Bon Jovi, Steve Perry, Dennis DeYoung, and Bono
Likes: good people, working out,following your dreams and people having a good time while you perform your heart out
Dislikes: Monday morning and phony people
Favorite Song To Play In The Now: Bad Girlfriend
Current Gear: I am the lucky one- just my Shure microphone!
Mike has been in the band the longest - 10 years. In additon to playing guitar in the band, Mike is Joe's "right hand man" in their tight, two part harmonies. A vocalist and songwriter in his own right, Mike has always shared the other member's passion for recreating the great songs as they were recorded, with just a tiny hint of improvisation. His insistence on playing what's on the record makes the songs sound and feel natural and shows a deep reverence for the guitar players he covers, and most of all -respects. Mike also handles the management and booking for The Now

First Show With The Now: January 03, 2005 - Coins Sports Bar - Kenosha, WI
Former Bands: Plain Jain, The Xmen, Hot Roxx, Vinnicetti
Influences: Dave Dettlaff, Richie Sambora, Nuno Bettencourt, Vito Bratta, Mick Mars
Favorite Drink: green tea, Jagermeister
Likes: reading non-fiction, songwriting, constructive criticism, people that are in business who return phone calls
Dislikes: liars, panderers and suck-ups, people that don't like to practice, constant complainers, and white bread
Favorite Song To Play In The Now: Raise Your Hands
Current Gear: Fender, Jackson, and Gibson guitars, Laney amps, Peavey cabinets, Boss, Dunlop, Rocktron and Vox pedals, D'Addario strings, Planet Waves, and Monster cables, Shure in ear monitor system with E5 & Westone molds
Scott graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Music. Worked for several years as a Director of Music for various public school, opera, and classical music organizations in the Washington D.C. areaand was a store manager for Guitar Center retail stores for 10 years. Currently working as a store manager for Apple retail.
Scott previously played bass in a southern rock super group featuring an all star line up of Artimus Pyle, the "wildman" drummer of Lynrynd Skynyd, Charlie Hargrett of Blackfoot, Jeff Carlisi of .38 Special, and the legendary southern rock vocals of Jimmie Van Zant.

First Show With The Now: January 05, 2013 - Badger Bowl - Madison, WI
Former Bands: Daisy Chain,Woodstock's Superstars of SOuthern Rock
Influences: Van Halen.....that's it
Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels
Likes: my wife and kids
Dislikes: negative people
Favorite Song To Play In The Now: Cold Hard Bitch
Current Gear: Fender Jazz basses, MarkBass tube 100 half stack, M-Audio keyboard controller, Macbook Pro, M-Audio Profire 610 Interface
One thing every great live rock band has is a heavy hitter behind the kit. Greg is no exception to that! With a background laced with the techincal abilty of many progressive greats like Rush, YES, and Kansas, Greg knows how and when to apply that tastefully in a backbeat- rock and roll environment. Having a powerful force behind the kit is the best thing a tight rhythm section can have in a rock band. They call him "bam bam"...watch out for flying woodchips...

First Show With The Now: October 26, 2007 - Yesteryears Pub - West Allis, WI
Former Bands: Modern Giants,Lily White,Straight Shot,Route 66, The Taken
Influences: Neil Peart,Carter Beauford, Steve Gadd, Buddy Rich, Tommy Lee, Bill Bruford
Favorite Drink: really good Tequilla, Bombay Sappire Gin, Corona
Likes: people who pursue their passions, great food, talented musicians, good people living for THE NOW
Dislikes: fake or phony people who play both sides of the fence, closed minded "can't think outside of the box" type of individuals....and pickles
Favorite Song To Play In The Now: Slither
Current Gear: Pearl Export series drums, Zildjian cymblas, Evans E2, E3 heads, Pro Mark 5B sticks, Shure E5 in ear monitors, DW 5 inch maple signature series snare drum
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